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Teachers love as a mountain

Each creek has its starting point, every river has its source, and each individual teacher companions have had!
I am no exception, have an amiable teacher.
She surnamed Huang, we called her 0026 quot; Huang 0026 quot ;.

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; teacher, your preaching, Tuition, intersection, exhort, criticism, angrily, care, guidance, let me from ignorance to learning and ability.
From naughty wayward to sensible and well-behaved.
You are a stern teacher, rigorously educate us, you and like a loving mother, careful to take care of us.

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; In the classroom you are tough.
One day, I did a little trick in the classroom, was that you discovered.
In order to preserve the prestige of my squad leader, you do not have a place name outspoken, but with his eyes reminded me.
After class I was called to the office.
You furrowed brow and serious look I could not help ashamed and lowered his head.
hunter kids wellies You say 0026 quot ;: small Lai, you are a squad leader, how can it do tricks in the classroom?
You do, how do you call the class clothes?
Although everyone makes mistakes, but this is completely avoidable mistakes, your credibility will be lost in vain, how can you make it?
You go back and reflect, think about how to do that.
Your anger makes me surprised, usually you’ve never made such a big fire.
But also so I do not blame the tears fell down Bata.
That time, I was crying out of the office.
So how can the teacher, monitor how the mistake?
Is his heart only criticism, never caring it?

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; can that thing changed my views to you.
I remember that day, on duty was cleaning, I do not know how, and the window glass actually fell off.
I just sat by the window, facing the sudden attack, I know what to do, hurried hand Qudang.
But the tragedy happened – just insert the glass fragments in my hand.
I endured the pain to unplug the glass, bloody camel springs flow out.
Students hurriedly got yellow childrens hunter wellies teacher, Huang put me to the office for me to clean the wound, I feel very hurt.
hunter boots twitter but at the teacher that love and affection gentile, suddenly warmth into my heart.
Mortal room, I feel the wound does not hurt.
He bandaged the wound, the teacher gently stroking my head, like a spring breeze caresses the treetops.
She bent down to ask me: 0026 quot; still hurt?
0026 Quot; At this time, tears in my eyes turn ah, I would like a child to the teacher like a baby, 0026 quot; also hurt!
0026 Quot; So, the teacher took my hands, blowing and blowing, so much like to be a mother.

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; as a mountain division love, love without resentment.
A white-haired teacher told us that love is Chunhui snowmelt, love is timely; love is sand oasis, love is the source of life.
Is a mentor back told us that love is a giving, love is a dedication, love is a gratitude, love is a miss.

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; teacher, your hard work!
Although there is no honor to do your students, but you are given, I will remember between heart!
Although you can not repay your kindness, even though you can not always met, but you pay, I will always be a source of strength, admire the summit!

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youth on your side

What is a youth?
Is a cup of tea, exudes fragrances; a glass of wine, then drink sweet glycol; a rainbow after the rain, always bring you boundless vitality hunter ladies boots and vitality 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip

Also remember that it was a sunny morning, I happily went to school, went into the classroom, an aroma of flowers walking towards me.

0026 Ldquo; ah!
What is it?
So sweet!
0026 Rdquo;

The same table told me: 0026 ldquo; you do not know it, this is how we monitor their homes and moved the flowers bloom!
0026 Rdquo;

0026 Ldquo; the original is the squad leader, squad leader is really kind ah!
0026 Rdquo;

After class, I went with good friends before this flower, enjoying this snow a single show 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; plum.

0026 Ldquo; wow, incense ah!
0026 Rdquo; to praise my friend.

Suddenly, a student suddenly rushing back, all of a sudden pull my good friend, she slipped and just listen to 0026 ldquo; ah 0026 rdquo; heard, she fell down, and also in a vase of flowers bloom
all knocked to the ground.
Suddenly, my good friend who wet.

Her look Shangcuan from the ground up, 0026 ldquo; how you walk, knowing that the ground so slippery still run so fast, but also pull me, you see.
I do does not matter, how do these flowers bloom, you say 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; 0026 rdquo; I blame the friend kept the students.

At this time, the students are over, while my good friend persuasion, while busy divvying up work again.

My friend still ramble, I advised him: 0026 ldquo; forget it, are gone, I can help you put clothes to dry it.
0026 Rdquo; At this moment, I saw a whole class of people in cleaning up the trouble to bring a bottle of plum.
See the table in this scenario, I instantly out of God.
This is my class, how warm

This is the youth scene, which is the youth of hunter rain boots discount rain hunter boots men sense, this is the youth.

Youth is a cup of tea exudes a refreshing fragrance, youth is a cup of sweet wine glycol, youth is the rain a rainbow full of charm, she is on your side

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Over de liefde en schrijven

New Year’s Eve, ging ik naar de gemeenschap van de vijf ouderen Sociale activiteiten.

Twee p.m., grootvader, grootmoeder, en in de gemeenschap ging ik voor een bezoek aan een tante duurde vijf ouderen.
Hij riep 周金福 grootvader, 68-jarige, geen kinderen, het leven is erg moeilijk, maandelijkse kosten van levensonderhoud op overheidssteun, en hoe hij nodig heeft om de bezorgdheid van de gemeenschap te krijgen en help mijn grootvader om te sterven, de grootmoeder zei :! 0026 ldquo; Ik wil dat mijn
gelukkig geld gedoneerd aan de grootvader, kan ik?
0026 Rdquo; grootouders blij om te zeggen: 0026 ldquo; Nou, ondersteunen wij u.
0026 Rdquo; Dus, ik zet het fruit, de 200 yuan gift geld met rode papier verpakt off.
Toen we naar zijn huis, een grootvader zitten de deur, nam ik het fruit en rode en probeerde te glimlachen grootvader zei: 0026 ldquo; grootvader, dan zien we je hier bent, is dit voor u, ik wens
! Gelukkig Nieuwjaar 0026 rdquo; grootvader glimlacht nam fruit en hunter regenlaars liners enveloppen, dankbaar om te zeggen: 0026 ldquo; dank u, kinderen.
0026 Rdquo; zei ik tegen hem: 0026 ldquo; U bent welkom, dit is mijn kleine geest.
0026 hunter water laarzen rdquo;

De weg naar huis, grootvader, grootmoeder en tante in de gemeenschap instemmend zei tegen mij: 0026 ldqu hunter wig laarzen o, je het goed doet, van jongs af aan leren om de zorg voor anderen, is een liefdevolle goed
0026 Rdquo; mijn hart zoetheid, heel gelukkig, heel blij, echt 0026 ldquo; anderen helpen, hun eigen geluk.
0026 Rdquo;

Chinees Nieuwjaar is mijn gelukkigste, meest zinvolle en onvergetelijke vakantie.

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